What Makes a Good Math Homework Worksheet?


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Worksheets should be easy to read, with clear direction and flow. Consider the age and reading ability of the audience, and tailor your language to them, using the simplest directions possible. Unless it is a unit overview, keep worksheets focused on one or two concepts.

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Math knowledge is cumulative, so when writing questions to include on math worksheets, begin with simple examples that demonstrate the math concept in question. It can be helpful to work through an example at the top of the page that outlines each step the student must take to fully answer this type of question. Provide opportunities for success by including several questions that overtly follow this same pattern before incorporating questions that require extra steps, such as translating a word question into numbers. Whenever possible, connect math concepts with real world usage.

It is a good idea to break your worksheet up into chunks of related questions. Use section headings to guide students through the worksheet, and a clear text font to avoid confusion. Consider including images that complement the questions in each section. This can facilitate concept comprehension. Particularly if your worksheet is designed for second language learners, avoid overly wordy descriptions of math concepts.

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