What Are Some Good Math Games for Home-Schooled Kids Age 8 and Up?


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Fun and educational math games for ages 8 and older include Math Bingo, "Guess my Number" and Math Fact Yahtzee. A parent of home-schooled children can adjust these games and others for children of differing ages.

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With a customized Bingo board, students play Math Bingo to practice their skills in addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. To make the Bingo boards, the teacher creates a grid of five rows and five columns and writes a number from 0 to 25 in each of the squares. The teacher turns over two cards. Each student covers the number on his card that is either the sum or the product of the two playing cards. The first student who covers a full line is the winner.

To play Math Fact Yahtzee, a teacher needs a pair of dice and copies of the printable Yahtzee board found on KatesHomeSchoolMath.com. The website has two different boards for children aged 8 and up depending on erwheth they are working on addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. Similar to regular Yahtzee, the winner is the first person to mark off all the board numbers. Players take turns rolling the dice and crossing off the board number that corresponds to the final number if the dice values were either added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. In this way, children who are still learning addition and subtraction can play with older students who are mastering multiplication and division.

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