How Do You Get Good at Math?

Individuals improve in math by practicing, understanding instead of memorizing, working with a partner and getting help from a teacher or tutor. Actively working to improve is necessary to better understand and use math skills.

Identifying the specific math skills causing difficulty helps narrow focus. Practice problems related to the specific challenging math skills. If a person doesn't know basic multiplication facts, larger multiplication problems and division are challenging. Build basic math skills before moving on to more complicated problems.

Another strategy is to explain how to do a problem to someone else. This helps work through the process and fully understand it better. If the person doesn't know the process well enough to explain it, she needs to focus on the steps to solving that specific type of problem. Drawing pictures helps with some types of math problems. A person who struggles with fractions might draw pictures or use blocks to represent the fractions.

If practice isn't enough, a tutor or the math teacher is a resource for assistance. Someone who is very knowledgeable in math often explains the process in a different way that makes it easier to understand. A student currently enrolled in the math class might get free tutoring from the teacher or additional practice problems to improve in the math concepts.