What Are Some Good Marathi-to-English Dictionaries?

The Marathi-English/English-Marathi Dictionary & Phrasebook and the Oxford English-Marathi Dictionary are good Marathi-to-English dictionaries. These dictionaries are good references for travelers and people who want or need to communicate in the Marathi language.

The Marathi-English/English-Marathi Dictionary & Phrasebook, by Daniel Krasa, is a useful phrasebook and bilingual dictionary for students, businesspeople and travelers. The phrasebook covers greetings, hotels, restaurants, transportation and shopping. It also has a guide to basic grammar and a pronunciation key.

The Oxford English-Marathi Dictionary, by Ramesh V. Dhongde, has full information, including meaning, pronunciation and grammar, for more than 26,000 phrases and words in easy and standard Marathi.