What Are Some Good and Free LSAT Prep Materials?

Find free LSAT prep materials on PowerScore.com, 7Sage.com and KapTest.com, as of 2015. Visitors can download a practice test in PDF format at 7Sage.com. PowerScore.com provides study guides, live seminars and practice tests. KapTest.com provides an online test and a preview class.

Find free LSAT prep materials on PowerScore.com by clicking LSAT on the home page, clicking Free Help Area on the next page and then clicking the Free Lessons tab. The next page displays links to recorded webinars, study plans and practice tests. Visitors are required to sign up for a free account to use the practice materials on the website.

Find free LSAT prep materials on 7Sage.com by clicking LSAT Prep Tools under the Resources heading on the home page. On the next page, click the image under Free Practice LSAT Prep Test Exam to download the practice test in PDF format. The website also sells LSAT prep materials.

Free LSAT prep materials are found on KapTest.com by clicking LSAT at the bottom of the home page and then clicking Free Prep & Practice on the next page. Click Start Your Workout under 20-Minute Workout to start practicing. Live webinars and practice tests are also available. The website requires visitors to create a free account to use free resources.