What Are Some Good Lesson Plans That Explain Long and Short Vowel Sounds?


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Lesson plans that explain long and short vowel sounds are available at About.com and Scholastic.com. The plans include songs and reading activities, and the Scholastic plans incorporate Clifford interactive stories into the lesson. It is useful to make letter cards for each vowel before teaching the lessons.

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The lesson plan at About.com begins with teaching children to hear the difference between long and short vowel sounds. After the students review each vowel's long sound, they learn the "Long Vowel Song" to help them remember. The process is repeated with short vowel sounds, including a different song. Practicing the songs each day helps the students retain what they have learned.

Scholastic.com offers separate lesson plans for each kind of vowel sound. Each lesson plan is designed to be taught over two days. In the short vowel lesson plan, the teacher reads a book that features short vowel sounds to the class before practicing consonant-vowel-consonant words with the students. Then, the students practice reading and listening with an interactive Clifford book. On the second day, students read in pairs and play a game in which they make words. The class reviews each pair's list of words together.

The long vowel lesson plan at Scholastic.com is similarly structured, with reading exercises on the first day. On the first day, the teacher also explains how spelling patterns can change a vowel's sound. The second day sees students play a game of concentration on the computer. Both lesson plans include extension activities for the class.

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