What Are Some Good Lesson Plan Sheet Templates?

What Are Some Good Lesson Plan Sheet Templates?

Some good lesson plan sheet templates useful for teachers, which are acceptable, can be daily, monthly and weekly plans, as noted by the Teacher Planet website. Some other lesson plan template types can include complex unit, daily multi-class and daily single-class plans. Additionally, teachers may also use Common Core state standards-aligned lesson plan templates.


The Teacher Planet website offers teachers a good variety of lesson plan templates that are free to download. To find a variety of different templates, teachers can browse by subject, grade level or specific lesson plan types. For example, under the weekly lesson template type, there are are 10 different lesson plans that are suitable for any subject. This website also offers other teaching resources, such as a page for lesson plan software programs and how to make lesson plans.

The K12 Reader site provides lesson plan templates for elementary and secondary school subjects, which include simple and complex units, weekly detailed and weekly multi-period lesson plan templates. These lessons are free printables.

For guidance on how to create English language arts and math lesson planning/design templates that are aligned to Common Core standards, teachers can visit the CORE website. These lesson plans are offered in PDF form or as a document in Microsoft Word. Other free Common Core state standard materials that teachers may find useful are the curriculum analysis templates and observation rubrics, as noted by the CORE website.