What Are Some Good Leadership Skills?

What Are Some Good Leadership Skills?

Good leadership skills include delegation, communication, a sense of humor and confidence. These skills allow leaders to motivate others around them and keep the group focused.

Good leaders understand the strengths and weaknesses of their subordinates, and they know how to delegate tasks to them accordingly. Leaders trust their team members with serious responsibilities, creating loyalty and strength within a group. Truly skilled leaders are also savvy enough to recognize which tasks should not be delegated.

Skilled leaders are able to explain exactly what they need done, using communication that is both clear and concise. They understand to whom they are speaking and know how to tailor their communication for maximum effectiveness. Good leaders are also typically good listeners, and they create an environment that solicits open communication and suggestions from their subordinates.

A sense of humor is an important quality in leaders, as it helps maintain group morale. Leaders must see their groups through a variety of challenging circumstances, not all of which are likely to end perfectly. During setbacks or defeats, good leaders know how to maintain their sense of humor and help team members see the bright side of the situation.

Similarly, leaders exude confidence and stay calm during trying situations. Leaders understand the influence they have, and realize that their positive outlook and confidence can help the rest of their teams maintain a positive attitude as well.