What Is a Good Kindergarten Classroom Setup?

good-kindergarten-classroom-setup Credit: Aping Vision - STS/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A good kindergarten classroom set up is one that allows all the students to feel welcome and comfortable and encourages them to be successful in learning the curriculum. The set up of the classroom depends greatly on the number of students, the activities that take place on a daily basis, and the size and layout of the actual classroom.

The amount of students that the classroom holds is the factor that most significantly determines the layout of the classroom. Each one of the students needs adequate space.

The type of activities that take place in the classroom is another big factor in designing layout. If the kids spend a lot of time working in groups at their desks, arrange their desks in small groups to allow the work to be done. If there is a lot of activity planned in a circled carpet, make sure adequate space is available. The students need a lot of room to move around to dance and sing.

Another part of the classroom setup is providing storage for all of the necessary supplies. This can include any school supplies the students donate in addition to books, workbooks and everthing else that helps students learn.

An important safety rule in designing a kindergarten classroom setup is that there should be no hiding spaces or blind spots. The teacher should be able to keep an eye on all the students at all times.