What Is a Good ISEE Score?

A good ISEE score depends on what the student needs to be accepted into the school that he or she is looking at as well as how other students scored within that year. The ISEE is scored on a scale from 1-9 for four of its five sections while the fifth section is sent for review, on scaled scores from 760 to 940 for each section and by using percentile ranks.

Percentile ranks are often the most important indicator of success with the ISEE test because they let students know where they fall in relation to their peers on the test. If a student gets a percentile rank in Verbal Reasoning of 82 then the student knows that he or she scored higher than 82 percent of his or her peers. There are five sections on the ISEE: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension, math achievement and essay.

The ISEE, which is an abbreviation for the Independent School Entrance Exam, is given to those in grades two through twelve. It is also given to international students as well as those in the United States. It is one of the best ways for schools to determine whether or not a student would be a good fit at their private school. Public school students do not need to take the ISEE test unless they are interested in attending a private or independent school. Each school has different requirements for students so it is best for parents, educators and students to review the scaled scores and standard scores required by the school or schools that the student wishes to attend. This will help determine what a "good score" would be for the student.