What Is a Good Invention Project for Kids?

What Is a Good Invention Project for Kids?

Good invention projects for kids include inventing a board game, candy bar, computer app or solution to a real-life problem. Other invention projects can involve building cars from vegetables, tracing the development of an invention such as the telephone, and reading about inventors such as George Washington Carver.

Inventing a new item involves brainstorming new ways of doing something, researching similar inventions and technology, drawing and writing plans and designs, and developing the invention. The development process involves testing the invention, refining it and retesting it. Students can present their inventions at an invention convention.

Building a car from fruits and vegetables gives kids a taste of the design process. They see everyday objects, vegetables, used in an entirely different way. They choose features as they build their cars, and they test them by racing them against others' cars.

Tracing an invention's development teaches the invention process and shows how an invention evolves. For example, students learn about the first telephone, then about its iterations from rotary dialers to push button models, cordless phones and cellphones.

Reading about inventors' lives gives students insight into how they became inventors and what they thought when developing their inventions.