What Are Some Good Impromptu Speech Topics?

Excellent impromptu speech topics include pop songs, future careers, junk food, setting goals, team sports versus individual sports, how to plan a party, and the influence of color on attitude. Impromptu speech topics are easy to remember and require less than one minute to form an opening statement, evidence and closing remarks.

Other more serious and introspective impromptu speech topics include qualities of humanity, conservation and concerns about the future, the relationship between money and society, influential people, inner beauty, the importance of pets, e-readers versus printed books, how the media controls public thinking, whether advertising that targets children is immoral, interactive learning, wisdom's relationship to experience, the importance of art, courtesy in modern society, and the definition of normal.

Other speech topics include the speaker's preferences: favorite animals, best surprise ever, favorite letter in the alphabet, favorite season, best vacation, best day of the year, dream job, famous dead people as dinner companions, worst chores, things to do on a snow day, and worst foods.

Impromptu speech topics are designed to provoke a response that differs from one speaker to the next. Impromptu speeches should go for about two minutes and teach beginning public speakers how to speak immediately on any given topic with coherency.