What Are Some Good Idioms for Children?


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Some examples of idioms for children are: give it a shot, a piece of cake, cross your fingers, have a shot at, hold your horses, raining cats and dogs, and pig out. These examples of idioms are for children because their figurative meaning is easy for the children to understand.

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What Are Some Good Idioms for Children?
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Idioms are meant to be taken figuratively and not as the literal meaning of the actual words being said. The figurative meaning behind each of the idioms are as follows: to give it a shot means to try, to cross your fingers means to ask for good luck, to have a shot at means to have a chance, a piece of cake means that something is easy, hold your horses means to wait a minute, it's raining cats and dogs means that it is raining very hard, and to pig out means to eat a lot.

There are also many other idioms that children can easily understand and identify with. Some more examples of idioms that children may hear frequently are; to have second thoughts, which means to have doubts, a little birdie told me, which means that a secret has been told, and cry crocodile tears, which means to fake being upset.

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