What Are Some Good Ideas for Winter Classroom Bulletin Boards?

What Are Some Good Ideas for Winter Classroom Bulletin Boards?

Some good winter classroom bulletin board themes include the winter season, winter holidays and winter sports. The bulletin board can form the basis for a classroom lesson in a subject such as spelling, science or history.

Bulletin boards celebrating the winter season may display snowy landscapes, children playing in the snow, polar bears or penguins. Teachers can post student drawings and essays about winter, and students can make paper snowflakes to pin onto the bulletin board.

A bulletin board can feature winter-related vocabulary or spelling words, such as "mitten" and "snowman." Science topics related to winter include the identification of animals from their tracks in the snow, hibernation, winter weather and health topics, such as preventing colds, flu and frostbite. Some history topics are George Washington crossing the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War and Martin Luther King's life.

The winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, the New Year and Martin Luther King Day offer possibilities for celebratory bulletin board designs, lessons about the holidays and use of holiday themes to teach other lessons. Some design ideas are a gingerbread house scene and a background of Christmas lights. A Twelve Days of Christmas bulletin board can teach numbers; a Martin Luther King Day display can cover the Civil Rights Movement. Students can post their New Year's resolutions on a bulletin board.

A winter sports theme can show sledding, ice skating and skiing. During a Winter Olympics year, a bulletin board may display a graph that tracks the games. The Olympics can also serve the basis for a lesson on the different countries of the world.