What Are Some Good Ideas for Theses Topics?

What Are Some Good Ideas for Theses Topics?

A good idea for a thesis topic is a subject that is debatable rather than factual, thatis broad enough to develop depth, detailed research and conclusion and that is unified in the course of study ofthe chosen subject. There are many online sources that offer advise and examples of thesis statements on a variety of researchtopicssuch as the Researchomatic website.

Examples of criteria for good topic sentences:

The topic sentence is most effective at the beginning of a paragraph and provides links to topics that are addressed in the thesis. It provides an introduction to the paragraph and direction to the progression of the essay.

Examples of criteria for bad topic sentences:

Topic sentences should not include opinions or quotes from literature, research or critics. They should introduce analysis and direction of the thesis and not provide commentary.

Examples of good and bad thesis statements:

A bad example:Rick and Carol are alike in many ways and differ in many ways. The sentence is too broad and vague.

A better example: Rick and Carol both struggle with living with a guiltyconscience and deal with the consequences in extremely different ways. The sentence defines the direction and is specific enough to analyze and debate.