How Do You Get Good Ideas for a Story?


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Good ideas for stories are typically generated through the act of writing itself. Writers generally need to pick out a subject or idea that interests them, consider it deeply, and then write their thoughts. This process almost always generates new ideas.

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Rather than viewing inspiration and ideas as events that occur instantaneously, beginning writers can view the creation of ideas as a process. Productive ideas for stories can spring from very little inspiration. Ideas often emerge from life experiences, but they may also emerge from a thought or a question. It doesn't take much to begin writing on a subject, as long as it's something that interests the writer. Whether it’s a fascinating or significant place, a specific memory, an idea for a character, a compelling historical event, a line of dialogue overheard on the street, or even an image from a dream, the slightest idea can give writers a great deal to work with.

Early in the writing process, concerns about specific details are often viewed as irrelevant. Instead, writers generally focus on writing as much as they can about a subject to generate more ideas. The brain makes connections between its various thoughts, causing the specific details of a story to emerge.

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