What Are Some Good Ideas for a Middle School Math Project?


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One example of a middle school math project is creating a math board game where students progress by answering formulas involving multiplying fractions and decimals correctly, according to MiddleSchool.net. Another middle school math project is writing a recipe with quantities converted to fractions and then challenging the student to correctly calculate the numbers and make the recipe, states Education.com.

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Another example of a middle school math project requires students to draw the front of their "dream house" on graph paper and use its dimensions for a variety of different calculations, according to MiddleSchool.net. Asking students to draw a fence around the house can prompt calculating the perimeter of the house. Teachers can also use the house to test middle school math skills such as finding the perimeter and area of the irregular shape of the house.

A project that can teach middle school students to work with money involves creating a fake checking account for students. Students can learn how to budget by receiving fake checks and lists of items to buy or bills to pay. Creating budget sheets for students allows them to calculate how much of their paycheck goes towards necessary expenses and develop skills in working with monetary quantities and calculating tax.

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