What Are Some Good Ideas for Home School Projects?


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Some good ideas for homeschool projects include a student using video conferencing technology to interview experts, using a garden and kitchen to learn about botany and measurement, and having a student research and plan field trips based on curriculum topics. For these projects, parents act as mentors, helping students set goals, make plans and manage their own learning based upon deep interest in a subject.

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Good projects for young homeschooled students should be done in a fun, relaxed and playful manner to support motivation. Projects should help students to explore and play with school related concepts and ideas. Fun projects encourage students to make something new and then share the creation with others. An example is making art and then posting images of the art along with a description of how the art was made to share online. The final goals of these projects should be getting feedback along with teaching other students about content learned through the activity or project.

Projects for older homeschooled children and teens may combine age-appropriate skills that require creative expressions such as writing, blogging, drawing, painting, photography and video production to demonstrate research in different academic subjects. The goal is to have students develop project artifacts that are then used to show deep learning.

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