What Are Good Ideas for a High School Newspaper Article?


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Some ideas that can be used for a school newspaper include writing on the most difficult classes, student volunteers, entrepreneurship, techniques for dating, leadership, student hangouts, fashion and student jobs. These are just a few of the ideas anyone can use to make a high school newspaper interesting.

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Writing an article for a high school paper can be both challenging and an eye opener for anyone wishing to become a future journalists. With the right ideas, writing an interesting article should be relatively easy. Below are a few ideas anyone can use.

  • Leadership - writing an article regarding the various types of leaders within the school can be interesting. Talking about stern leaders and those who have to plead with people to accomplish a task can be especially interesting.
  • Entrepreneurship - writing about successful societal entrepreneurs can be great. However, including information about high school students who are already entrepreneurs can be even more captivating.
  • Dating - writing a piece on how to get the attention of the opposite sex can come across as helpful to many. Giving tips on how to behave on a date can equally be nice.
  • Fashion - everyone in high school is probably fashion conscious and that is why giving different perspectives on the issue can be brilliant.
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