What Are Some Good Ideas for a Fourth-Grade Science Project?


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A couple of good ideas for a fourth-grade science fair project are to find out if crawling insects prefer to move toward a specific direction and to determine the rate at which colored and clear ice cubes melt. Students can also try discovering if magnetism travels through certain materials.

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After catching and releasing ants, cockroaches or other crawling insects, fourth graders should examine the paths the insects choose to go and determine if there’s a common trend. To perform the ice cube project, students can add food coloring and then record the melting times of both colored and regular ice cubes.

The magnetism project involves placing several materials between a magnet and a metal and observing the effect of these materials on the strength of attraction between the magnet and metal. Students should determine if the materials equally affect the magnetic field.

Another interesting project for fourth graders is to draw long lines using different crayon colors and measure the length of the crayons to find out if they last the same. Fourth graders may also try soaking seeds in household liquids, such as milk, juice or vinegar, to find out if the seeds can germinate in other types of liquids besides regular water. Moreover, they can experiment on watering plants with household liquids and observe the growth of plants.

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