What Are Some Good Ideas for Elementary School Field Trips?


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Ideas for elementary field trip locations include local attractions, museums, natural areas, community businesses and services, and nursing homes or other locations for service learning. Virtual field trips are an alternative when a real field trip isn't possible. Field trip follow-up activities include journals, artwork, scavenger hunts and presentations.

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What Are Some Good Ideas for Elementary School Field Trips?
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Locations for elementary field trips often relate to the curriculum to make the experience meaningful and educational. Many communities offer relevant locations for inexpensive field trips. Visiting local spots also builds a sense of community and familiarizes students with the area. In some cases, a location is within walking distances of the school, which eliminates transportation expenses.

An example of a local field trip is visiting a bank to learn how checking and savings accounts work. Another example is touring a local farm to better understand agriculture and sources of food. Many community locations offer free tours for school groups.

Extra activities during and after the field trip help students get more out of the experience. Preparing a scavenger hunt ahead of time gets kids to focus on particular aspects of the trip. Specific species of plants or land forms are examples to include on the list for a trip to a nature area. Another option is to have each student or group of students create a presentation or display to show what they learned on the field trip.

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