What Are Some Good Ideas for Composing a Sales Speech?

Good ideas for composing a sales speech include asking customers about their needs or desires and about how certain products or attributes make them feel, then preparing a list of possible objections. Other ideas involve incorporating experiments and audience engagement into the speech.

Customers are more likely to care about how a product or service benefits them rather than about technical or possibly obscure details. Address the following in a sales speech: how this product/service helps customers and solves their problems faster and more easily. An experiment or demonstration is one way to make the point and engage the audience. For instance, a sales speech on makeup could entail participants putting on their own lipstick and then applying the lipstick for sale to see the benefits for themselves.

Have a list of 10 to 20 objections and how they can be addressed. That way, there is no being caught off guard if customers bring up concerns. In some cases, a salesperson is seen as ethical or trustworthy if a sales speech mentions concerns before customers can. This puts the salesperson more in charge of the situation. The salesperson should rehearse his answers regarding these concerns until he can deal with them comfortably.