What Are Some Good Ideas for Classroom Setup?


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Classroom setup maximizes the space available for learning activities, with the arrangement reflecting the class values and goals. Arranging seats in clusters promotes small group interaction, while seats arranged in rows with some space between them discourages chatter and misbehavior. Special spaces need to be designated for bulletin boards, supplies, technology, a class library, the teacher's desk and class rules.

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Bulletin boards can be both fun and educational. Changing them frequently may be overwhelming, so it is advisable to have a few that are appropriate for any time of year, while others can be changed as the educational topic or season changes.

The front of the room is where the students' attention is focused the majority of the time, so it is best for this area to display a list of rules and contain an area for items that are used on a daily basis. Displays at the front of the room need to be attractive, but they must not distract from the learning process.

Supplies and other materials need to be organized neatly with a minimum of clutter. Any materials that are on display must have a purpose. The teacher must adjust the arrangement of the classroom on a regular basis to accommodate the changing needs of students.

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