What Are Some Good Ideas for a "100th Day of School" Project?


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Easy projects for the 100th day of school can involve collecting or organizing things in groups of 100. For example, students can collect 100 items that have to do with topics discussed in class, such as 100 math problems, 100 books about a certain subject or 100 cool science facts.

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Milestone celebrations are popular with schools and kid-centered organizations around the country. A Girl Scout troop in Maryland celebrated the 100th year of the Girl Scouts organization by creating a formation of the number 100 using girls from the troop.

Kids Play and Create has several simple project ideas for the 100th day of school. Kids can draw a large apple on a piece of cardboard and fill in the apple with red M&M's or other types of candy. The M&M's can be adhered with glue or an edible item like frosting. Alternatively, kids can draw a large bear on the cardboard and then fill the bear in with 100 gummy bears.

Scholastic has a list of 55 ideas that can be used to celebrate 100 days of school. The age range of the activities is from pre-K to grade 5. Some ideas for smaller children are to create something using 100 Q-Tips or Lego blocks, hopping across the playground 100 times or writing about what things could be bought with $100.

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