What Are Some Good Ice Breakers for College Students?

Some good icebreakers for college students include Another Shoe Game, Two Truths and a Lie and Boundary Breakers. These ice-breaker activities work for both large and small groups and are useful to help new students get to know one another.

Another Shoe Game works especially well for large groups. Standing in a circle, everyone in the group takes off their right shoe and throws it into a pile in the center. Then each person grabs a shoe at random from the pile and puts it on. All the members of the group now attempt to match up their shoes with one another, forming a new circle and new connections between group members.

Two Truths and a Lie is a classic icebreaker that works well for small groups. Each member of the group writes down two truths and one lie about themselves, attempting to be as creative as possible so that the lies are not easily distinguishable from the truths. Each member then take turns sharing their three statements, with the group attempting to guess the lie. Break a larger group down into smaller groups to help the flow of the game.

In Boundary Breakers, a group leader poses questions that each group member takes turns answering. These questions can range from the mundane to the personal, but they all let group members share their perspectives and get the members talking amongst themselves.