What Are Some Good Home School Websites?


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Good homeschooling resources include Kolbe Academy, Seton Home Study School, Christian Book Distributors and Math-U-See. Some of these resources are religious-based, whereas others focus solely on secular subjects.

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Kolbe Academy provides both homeschooling material and live online classes for homeschoolers. The program is Catholic-based, but welcomes all students. The online academy offers courses in the Catholic religion in addition to a solid curriculum in secular subjects. The instructors are qualified teachers in their fields, with many possessing higher degrees. Seton Home Study School is another Catholic home school institution that provides its own company curriculum. Though it does not feature a fully-fledged online academy, advisers are on hand to help students with their lessons.

Christian Book Distributors is a large supplier of books and media for homeschooling families. Among the company's offerings are the Saxon Math series for all grade levels, as well as the accompanying D.I.V.E. CD series in which a professor illustrates math concepts from the Saxon textbooks.

Math-U-See is a digital math program that contains material from preschool through high school. A video lecturer introduces and explains the math content, and the student uses a workbook to complete assignments. The business explicitly aims its product at homeschooling families.

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