What Are Some Good GRE Study Tips?


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Three good GRE study tips are to brush up on high school math, increase vocabulary by reading widely and take a GRE prep course. The GRE is a standardized test that is required for admission to most graduate schools in the United States.

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The GRE's quantitative section emphasizes basic high school math, including algebra and geometry. Many graduate school applicants have forgotten much of what they learned in these subjects, which can seriously hamper their performance on the quantitative section of the test. Applicants are advised to revisit basic math concepts and brush up on formulas using online study guides or books like "Algebra for Dummies."

Vocabulary plays a big role in the GRE's verbal section, and the test features a far more advanced selection of words than those found on the SAT. One of the best tactics for success on the verbal section is to read as much as possible throughout the undergraduate years. Studying vocabulary can also help, but substantial and wide reading is generally more effective.

Finally, for test takers who can afford it, a GRE prep course is a good way to prepare for the exam. Although prep courses can be expensive, they are specifically designed to help test takers improve their critical thinking skills and prepare for the GRE's specific testing methods.

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