What Are Some Good Grandmother Nicknames?


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"Gram," "Nanna," "Meemaw" and "Gran" are among the more common grandmother nicknames, while "Mimi," "Nina" and "G-ma" are gaining in popularity. Nicknames for grandparents help children differentiate between different grandparents, or between grandparents and great grandparents.

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What Are Some Good Grandmother Nicknames?
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Traditional nicknames for grandmothers are often simply alterations or shortened forms of the word "grandmother." Nicknames such as "Mom-Mom," "MawMaw," "Granny," "Grammy," "Gram," "Nanny" or "Gamma" shorten "grandmother," creating easier words for children to pronounce. Names like "Grandmom" and "Grandmama" are not significantly shorter, but they sound more affectionate. The popularity of specific nicknames sometimes varies depending on the region of the country.

Increasingly, grandmothers are choosing more modern nicknames to introduce to grandchildren. Some of these names, like "Bella," "CiCi," "GiGi" and "Pippa," have little basis in the word "grandmother" but reflect the personality of the woman.

Some grandmothers might choose other languages for their nickname, either because the name is pleasing or because of cultural background. In Italy, for example, grandmother is "Nonna." "YaYa" is a Greek grandmother, while German grandmothers might be called "Oma." Jewish grandchildren might refer to their grandmother as "Bubbe." In Spain, grandmother is "Abuela"; in Portugal, she is "VoVo." French grandmothers are "Grandmere," while French Canadian grandmothers are called "MéMé."

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