How Do You Get Good Grades in High School?


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Students get good grades in high school by studying frequently, setting their priorities, scheduling time appropriately and taking good notes. Learning effective reading strategies, such as "active listening," also helps students do well in high school.

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Motivation is a key indicator of academic excellence in high school. Students must have a desire to perform well in order to get good grades. There are two different types of motivation: extrinsic, or outer motivation, and intrinsic, or self-motivation. Extrinsic motivation happens when a person is driven by a reward or by avoiding punishment. Intrinsic motivation is fueled by personal satisfaction.

In addition to motivation, students who manage their time wisely and those with effective study habits also do well in high school. Students can practice good time management skills by avoiding procrastination and starting projects immediately. Time should be set aside each day to complete homework and study important material. Other aspects of a student's life, such as extracurricular activities, should be scheduled with study time in mind.

Good study habits include engaging in reading by asking questions that help retain information and forming study groups. Using memorization tools and techniques, such as flash cards and visualization, are also useful for effective study.

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