How Do You Get Good Grades in College?


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Methods of getting good grades in college include finding a productive study spot, always attending class, and taking advantage of professors' office hours. Students must develop more concentrated study strategies than they had in high school.

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Studying in a dorm room might be tempting, but the comfort can often serve as a distraction from homework. The close confines of dorms make socializing with neighbors an easy option, and a roommate can provide an additional unwanted diversion. Instead, a spot in the library or some other common area offers more solitude and privacy.

Always attending class is an obvious piece of advice, but the freedom that college offers makes it worth reiterating. A typical college course load takes up about half as many weekly hours as high school, there are no real disciplinary penalties for skipping class, and the typical college campus is filled with tempting alternatives to the classroom. It’s up to students to exercise the academic discipline necessary to show up to class each week.

Students should also take advantage of professors' open office hours, which can provide valuable opportunities to communicate with faculty. Office hours allow students to clarify class material, gain additional knowledge, and make connections with professors. Teachers often appreciate students who make additional effort, and the connections made with faculty members can offer other benefits, including research opportunities, letters of recommendation or professional references.

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