What Are Some Good Grade 5 Science Projects?


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Good science projects for grade 5 students include projects experimenting with magnets, determining heat capacity of different substances, composting scrap foods and dissecting a bean seed, according to Education.com. Other potential projects may study taste perception, renewable energy or the specific gravity of minerals.

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What Are Some Good Grade 5 Science Projects?
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A project examining which fruits sink and which float when placed in water covers fifth grade topics in bbotany and physics, as detailed by Education.com. The project uses observation and calculations of volume and mass to allow students to calculate the density of the produce. Students can then consider and hypothesize on how the measurements and observations correlated.

Another science project that is appropriate for fifth grade students is a bottle rocket activity suggested by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This project allows students to encounter concepts in force and motion while applying and practicing the scientific method.

A science project in which fifth grade students experiment with the senses of touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing is suggested by faculty at the University of Washington. In the smell experiment, students smell different objects, such as fruits and flowers, analyze the properties of the smell, and then compare and contrast each of the different smells.

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