What Are Some Good Girl Group Names?


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Some good girl group names include "Feisty Chicks," "Firebirds," "Lady Lasers," "Lava Girls" and "Lemon Drops." Other names are "Lethal Ladies," "Valentines," "Valley Girls," "Violet Offenders" and "Vixens."

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To choose a good group name, keep it short and easy to remember, such as by introducing a rhyme scheme or alliteration into the name. Keep the group name at most three words long, and think of something that can capture the spirit of the group. People remember short and catchy names easily, so consider how the name is abbreviated to add another facet to the moniker. If the name is going to represent a merchandise group or some other type of marketing force, plan ahead for the products and choose a name that can sell well in theme and presence.

Avoid choosing words that have negative connotations, even if they may appear catchy at first. Negative words can add an edgy and controversial degree of appeal, but poor imagery does not lend well to memory or marketing. Consider a word that has meaning to the group and use it in the name, as this is one of the best ways to add energy and personal value to the group. Once the word is chosen, work with it through literary patterns.

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