What Are Good Games for Second Graders?

"Math Baseball," the "Wrong Name Game" and "Thing-a-ma-Bots" are some good games for second graders. "Math Baseball" and the "Wrong Name Game" are freely accessible online games, while Thing-a-ma-Bots is a creative board game for two to six players. These games are both fun and educational.

"Math Baseball" is a fun way for second graders to practice basic addition and subtraction. Players score runs for answering questions correctly and accumulate outs when their answers are wrong. An educational game from Funbrain.com, "Math Baseball" allows students to practice all four basic operations at four difficulty levels. A two-player game mode is also available.

The "Wrong Name Game" from MrNussbaum.com helps second graders strengthen basic reading skills with an entertaining farm-animal game. Five animals, each with its name displayed below it, appear on the screen in this timed educational game. Players must choose the animal with the wrong name by using their letter-recognition skills and knowledge of phonics.

Thing-a-ma-Bots is a technology-free card game by Gamewright for ages 6 and up. The game brings a unique twist to classic memory games, and encourages players to think quickly and creatively. Players take turns turning over cards and naming the robots displayed on each. When a card reappears, the first player to yell the correct robot name wins the card. The player with the most cards wins the game.