What Are Some Good Games to Play During an Indoor Recess?


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Human knots, the back-to-back game, the wax museum and balloon volleyball, are some of indoor recess games, according to Scholastic.com. Thecornerstoneforteachers.com suggests four corners, hot and cold, charades, board games and playing with clay.

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The hot and cold game is easy to play. Choose one student and send him outside. Conceal an object and have the chosen student look for it. The class shouts hot, cold or warm, depending on how far the student is from the hidden object. With the board games and charades, the students play card games, puzzles, and checkers, among other games.

In the wax museum game, choose a student as the watch. Have him turn his back as the other students move around the class. The students should freeze when the watch turns around. Any student found walking about is kicked out of the game.

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