What Are Some Good Games for First Graders?

What Are Some Good Games for First Graders?

Games that increase basic math and language concepts are beneficial for children in first grade. Active games that strengthen gross motor skills are also valuable for this age group.

Simple math games played with dice or playing cards reinforce basic concepts. One way to play is to have two children each roll a pair of dice and decide who is the winner based on which child has the greater number. Children can also roll dice and calculate their sum to practice basic addition.

Children can practice spelling simple words by setting a timer and then writing down all the words they can think of in a specific word family, or by being given a group of letters and trying to construct as many words as possible with those letters in the time given.

Hitting a balloon back and forth between two or more people and trying to keep it off the ground is an easy game that helps children develop hand-eye coordination.

A letter-based version of “I Spy” helps children remember the sounds that letters make. Instead of selecting an object of a certain color, the person whose turn it is can spy an object that begins with a specific letter. While the child is attempting to guess the item, she is also surveying her surroundings and identifying which letter each object begins with, which improves phonetic awareness.