What Are Some Good Flashcards for an Eighth Grade U.S. Constitution Test?


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Flashcards for an eighth grade U.S. Constitution test can be found at Quizlet.com. As of 2015, the set created by Jim Hitchcock of Coal City Middle School contains 62 flashcards about the original Constitution, its amendments and its predecessor, the Articles of Confederation.

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Jim Hitchcock's flashcard set only contains general questions about the U.S. Constitution, except for one that concerns the number of Congressional representatives of Illinois. The questions have short answers for easy flashcard drills and are ideal for preparing students for multiple choice tests. In addition to questions about the general Constitution, this flashcard set includes questions about specific amendments and one question about the Articles of Confederation. Students can study the flashcards by looking at them, playing a flashcard game or taking a practice test.

Quizlet contains thousands of flashcard sets on the U.S. Constitution, which can be found using the search bar at the top of the site. These flashcard sets focus on Constitutional vocabulary and the contents of amendments. Some sets contain pictures in addition to written answers. Flashcard sets created by teachers are labeled accordingly. Since the Constitution has not been amended since 1992, these sets of flashcards are unlikely to contain outdated information.

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