What Are Some Good First Grade Learning Games?


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A good learning game for a first grader is the Stare! Junior Edition, which develops memory and concentration by requiring players to memorize images for 30 seconds and then answer questions about them. Another is Pentago, a game that develops strategy, logic, spatial reasoning and visualization.

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What Are Some Good First Grade Learning Games?
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In Pentago, the players place marbles on a movable board of four blocks. The blocks can be turned 90 degrees in any direction. The first player to arrange five marbles of his color on the board wins.

Sequence is a strategy game that enhances memory and concentration. In each turn, a player picks a card and places a chip on the matching picture on the board. The first player to place four or five chips in a row on the board wins. There are several versions of Sequence that become more challenging the older the players.

A game that improves spelling and vocabulary is Bananagrams. Players are given a number of letter tiles and take turns creating words that intersect with other words on the game board, similar to Scrabble. The winner is the player who discards all of his letters first.

Qwirkle is a strategy and tactical maneuvers game in which players connect tiles, similar to dominoes. Tiles are only connected with tiles that have a matching symbol or color. Extra points are earned when a tile connects with several pieces of matching shapes or colors. The player who has the most points when the tiles are all placed wins the game.

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