What Are Some Good Exercise Lesson Plans for Preschoolers?

What Are Some Good Exercise Lesson Plans for Preschoolers?

Good exercise lesson plans for preschoolers include fitness reading circle, playing restaurant, physical education incorporated into music, and fitness education art activities. Exercise lesson plans for preschoolers help them to get a head start in their physical health awareness.

Including books related to exercise and fitness to a reading circle is a good way to introduce children to physical fitness. There are age-appropriate books available for preschoolers to help them easily grasp concepts about fitness. Books with fitness and health related photographs are especially effective.

Playing restaurant involves getting children to role-play as customers, waiters, cooks and cashiers and create and order from mock-menus. Depending on the space available, pretend dining room, counter, kitchen and food make the game more effective. The game helps children to teach children how to make healthy choices especially in restaurants.

Teachers can incorporate physical education into music by playing songs and dance-alongs that teach fitness. Alternatively, the teachers can play music and ask the children to practice exercises learned in the reading circle.

Lastly, teachers can incorporate physical fitness to art activities. This includes asking children to create drawings of themselves playing a sport or performing their favorite physical exercise. This helps the children to think about and visualize physical fitness.