What Are Some Good Examples of a Template for a School's Strategic Plan?


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A common three-part template for a school's strategic plan includes a school's profile, the school's strategic direction and an indicative planner. The first part describes the current status of the school, the second describes the school's goals, and the third identifies specific actions to be taken.

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The school profile details what the school is currently like. It identifies a purpose or mission statement, as well as the values the school wishes to promote. It also identifies external and environmental factors that affect the school and the standards of service the school holds itself to.

The plan's strategic direction section centers on the goals the school wishes to work towards moving forward. The school identifies targets for each goal that serve as success measures to be evaluated. This section also identifies specific strategies that will be followed in order to meet the targets of each goal.

The final section of the plan is an indicate planner that lays out action items determined by the strategies listed in the second part. This part serves as a detailed list of tasks for the time period covered by the strategic plan. This section may also describe the changes that should be observed if the execution of the plan is successful.

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