What Are Some Good Examples of Social Studies Worksheets?


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Because Social Studies is such a broad topic, worksheets can include topics such as geography, economics and history. Good worksheets often require students not only to interpret charts, but to infer information from pictures and other information.

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History is the topic most commonly associated with Social Studies. A worksheet dealing with U.S. History could tell the history of a place or a famous landmark, such as the Statue of Library. Questions about the history of the landmark would test a student's ability to identify specific information in the passage.

Other worksheets could deal with topics in Economics, such as supply and demand. Questions could test a student's ability to identify why prices rise when supply is low but demand is high, and examples of these situations could be provided. An example of this would be the price of eggs. Students could be asked the inverse of these questions as well, and infer that if prices rise when supply is low, that the price also drops when the supply is high.

Geography is yet another area of Social Studies, and worksheets in this area can include maps of the world, specific countries, or geographical regions. Students are tested to identify different types of maps, such as the difference between a political map and a physical map, as well as be asked questions pertaining to specific cultures living in different areas of the world. Geography worksheets can also be as simple as asking students to label different states within the U.S.

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