What Are Some Good Examples of Epitaphs?


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Memorable epitaphs include such witty examples as "That's all folks," on the tombstone of Mel Blanc, the voice of Porky Pig, and "The best is yet to come," Frank Sinatra's epitaph. An epitaph, or short phrase honoring a deceased person on a headstone, can highlight a person's family or career.

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Although not used on his final resting place, "I told you I was I ill" is Spike Milligan's wry phrase often used in epitaphs in which the deceased speaks to the viewer. Other humorous examples include "There goes the neighborhood" from Rodney Dangerfield, and "See you soon." Many epitaphs contain simply "Beloved" and a familial listing. More traditional epitaphs include familial relationships or short poems memorializing the deceased.

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