What Are Some Good Examples of Cursive Handwriting Charts?


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There are many styles of cursive handwriting charts available. Each of them is useful for teaching and practicing various aspects of writing in cursive. Very basic, single-letter cursive worksheets are among the most popular and are useful for teaching young students the rudiments of cursive writing.

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Besides simple worksheets focusing on individual letters, it is common for beginning cursive instructors to incorporate worksheets that introduce multiple letters that are formed in a similar manner. For additional practice and retention, charts featuring the entire alphabet are also used. There are also charts that demonstrate both the uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter. Once students have become familiar with the method of producing each letter in cursive, they can begin with more advanced charts.

Charts that focus on the spelling of a student's name, or common single words, are excellent options. As the student's cursive skills improve, begin utilizing cursive worksheets that emphasize writing short sentences. There are also lengthier, more advanced worksheets that require students to write an entire cursive paragraph. Ultimately, choosing good examples of cursive charts depends greatly on the age and skill level of the pupil, as well as each teacher's preferred approach to teaching handwriting techniques.

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