What Makes a Good Eulogy?


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Components of a good eulogy include authenticity, important achievements, a brief history of the deceased and details about the family. While there are no concrete rules about eulogies, a general guideline is to make it about the deceased person.

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What Makes a Good Eulogy?
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The first step to writing a eulogy is to write a brief chronology of the person's life. This helps you to gather your thoughts and hone in on the important events to mention, like degrees earned, marriage and military service.

Next, jot down some favorite memories. Chances are these memories are shared by multiple people and will be appreciated by many. Other friends or relatives can also contribute memories. This helps give attendees who may otherwise remain silent a voice.

Think about the passions and morals of the dead person. Did he devote his life to charity? Was she a patriotic soldier who served for 30 years? The goal is to paint a picture of the kind of person he or she was in life.

Aggregate all the life events, memories and passions into one list, and decide which facts are important and which can potentially be cut out. Most eulogies last between five and 15 minutes. Organize the remaining information as appropriate, and consider breaking the eulogy up into vignettes, so that more can one person can speak.

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