What Are Some Good ESL Online Courses Available for Spanish Speakers?


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Some good online ESL courses for Spanish speakers are provided by Cambly and Rosetta Stone. These ESL programs offer different programs to learn English, such as conversations in English with a native speaker and an online English course designed to immerse the learner in a new language.

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Cambly is a one-on-one tutoring service that places Spanish speakers trying to learn English in video chat sessions with a native English speaker. During the session, the learners can ask their tutor anything they want about English or just have a conversation to practice their speaking skills. Students can also set up appointments with a tutor they like so they can get additional practice or work on homework assignments in between chat sessions. Learners can try Cambly for free.

Rosetta Stone offers an online English course for Spanish speakers where the learners are only taught in English from the very first lesson. Rosetta Stone created an immersion method of English learning designed to accelerate the English learning process. Rosetta Stone also offers users live tutoring sessions with native English speakers. Additionally, this program offers learners the chance to play games and activities designed to help them learn English quickly. Learners can participate in a live chat or compete with other users from all over the world. Rosetta Stone courses cost between $250 to $500.

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