What Are Some Good EKG Tech Schools?

What Are Some Good EKG Tech Schools?

California State University in Los Angeles, Florida National University and California State University in Dominguez Hills are some EKG tech schools. York College and San Francisco State University also offer EKG tech programs.

EKG Technician Program at California State University in Los Angeles trains students to conduct electrocardiogram tests to check and record the heart’s electrical impulses. Students learn to perform treadmill stress tests and assist doctors in diagnosing blood vessel irregularities.

Florida National University’s EKG program focuses on the anatomy and the electrical activity of the heart. It also covers how to transport a patient for electrocardiogram.

California State University in Dominguez Hills offers a 50-hour EKG technician certification program that covers medical ethics, medical terminology and the anatomy of the heart. The entry level program is appropriate for students who want to work in the EKG technical field.

York College’s EKG program combines practice and theory. It teaches students the physiology and anatomy of the chest and heart. Students also receive hands-on experience in the use of the EKG machine and analysis of EKG printouts.

San Francisco State University offers an online EKG technician program. The courses cover the legal aspects of patient contact and medical disease terminology. Students also learn the components, function and correct use of the EKG equipment. In addition, participants get access to an online community with student services. The program includes instructor support and course assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.