What Are Some Good Free Downloadable First-Grade Math Worksheets Online?

What Are Some Good Free Downloadable First-Grade Math Worksheets Online?

Time for School word problems, Comparing Numbers, Telling Time to the Hour, How Much and Coin Caper are some good free math worksheets for first graders. These worksheets, along with similar first-grade math pages, are free to download and print at educational websites such as KidZone.ws, K5Learning.com, HomeschoolMath.net and MathBlaster.com.

Time for School is a good worksheet for first graders to practice simple word problems involving basic addition and subtraction. The page, available at KidZone.ws, features six illustrated problems, and requires students to write and solve the correct math fact.

K5 Learning publishes several free number comparison worksheets for first graders. Each PDF includes 14 problems and an answer key. Students must determine if the first number is greater than, less than or equal to the second number, and fill in the blank with the appropriate symbol.

Telling Time to the Hour features 12 clock faces and includes an answer key. This free downloadable worksheet is available at HomeSchoolMath.net. New problems are generated each time a user refreshes the page.

Math Blaster offers an assortment of first-grade math worksheets on various concepts. How Much introduces children to pennies, reinforces counting skills and prepares students for simple addition, while Coin Caper is good for first graders who are learning to count combinations of coins.