What Are Some Good December Themes for a Preschool?

Good December themes for a preschool include a snow or ice unit, an exploration of holidays around the world, New Year traditions, and a year-in-review theme that outlines historical or social events of the year. Preschool December themes can also revolve around animals that are prominent in winter temperatures, such as penguins and polar bears.

December themes for preschool may also focus around family traditions during the Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa holidays. Preschool employees can create a gift-wrapped theme where students are prompted to explore the gifts or talents they possess, the gifts they have received and the gifts they wish to give to others. These lessons can prompt discussions about sharing and giving.

Preschool teachers can also sweeten up the month by incorporating the National Cookie Day celebration on December 4 into their monthly theme with baking activities, cookie tastings and lessons on safety while working in the kitchen. December is also a prime time to host a winter theme where preschool students discuss appropriate winter wear to stay warm, dress up their dolls or stuffed animals to prepare for the cooler temperatures, and host a clothing drive to provide gloves, hats and coats for children in the area who are in need.