What Are Some Good Curriculum Choices for Home-Schooling Programs?

What Are Some Good Curriculum Choices for Home-Schooling Programs?

Three good curriculum choices for home-schooling programs are Sonlight, Christian Liberty Academy School System and Alpha Omega. Resources from these curriculum companies can be combined with others to create a more eclectic approach.

Sonlight Curriculum provides a wide range of home-schooling curriculum materials for different subjects and grade levels. Detailed Instructor's Guides lay out the lesson plans. If used in conjunction with another curriculum, Sonlight's book lists, arranged by grade level, provide a guide for choosing books from the library, Amazon.com, or other sources. Sonlight is a good choice for parents who want to be very involved in their child's education, spending two to four hours with the child daily.

CLASS provides basic resources for all required subjects in a particular grade level, but parents may want to supplement with additional materials, depending on the child's needs and interests. CLASS provides tests to be mailed in for grading by specific dates. Report cards are then sent out to the parents. CLASS is a good choice for new home-schooling families who appreciate feedback and accountability. However, Christian Liberty materials may also be ordered separately, allowing parents to set their own home-schooling schedule, do their own grading and keep their own records.

Alpha Omega utilizes Monarch online courses, Switched-On-Schoolhouse CD-ROM courses and Lifepac print material in conjunction with its own main courses, electives and placement tests. Alpha Omega is a good choice for busy parents of independent learners.

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