What Are Some Good Critical Thinking Questions?


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Some examples of good critical thinking questions include "What is the counterargument for this?" and "Why is this important?". These questions exercise the application of knowledge and analysis of information, respectively, both of which are considered to be higher levels of critical thinking. Some other questions that call for the application of knowledge to new situations are "What would happen if this were the case?", "What is a new example of that principle?" and "How could this be used to accomplish that?", according to Brown University.

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Some additional examples of questions that prompt the person answering to analyze information when giving an answer include: "What is the difference between this and that?"; "What are the implications of this?"; "Explain why (or how) this is the case?"; "What is this analogous to?"; and "How are this and that similar?" In each case, the question calls for critical thinkers to carefully examine and deconstruct information, reports Brown University.

Some other high level critical thinking skills are evaluation and creation. To evaluate information is to consider its qualities in relation to a set of criteria. An example question is "What is the best policy and why?" Creation, as a critical thinking skill, is the combination of elements to form a new arrangement. An example question that exercises this skill is "What is another way to look at this information?"

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