What Are Some Good Conclusion Statements for an Essay?


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A good essay conclusion statement recaps what was stated in the essay. It also leaves an impression on the reader about the writer's observations of the subject on which he wrote.

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A good essay conclusion is between three and five sentences long. The recap of the essay is written in the first few sentences. These include only the major points made in the essay, and they help the reader have an understanding of where the writer stands on the subject matter. The last few sentences of the conclusion are important because they leave the reader with something to ponder concerning the subject matter. Quotes, questions, anecdotes or descriptive sentences can all cause the reader think about what was written.

In addition to these two points, the conclusion may also suggest further reading on the subject. The conclusion should always be written in a professional voice and sound authoritative to convince the reader that the research and assertions of the paper are factual and irrefutable. The writer must avoid adding new evidence in the conclusion as all the evidence should be presented in the body of the essay. The conclusion is not dramatic and shouldn't interfere with the authoritative tone the writer needs to make his argument clear.

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